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Abend Bar is the City of Rolent's local family restaurant/cafe in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. Being a bar, different NPCs come and go inside the bar, but there are still permanent NPCs as regular customers and kitchen staff.


The bar is located in the City of Rolent's northwestern side of town with some tables outside the bar. Inside consists of the actual bar, the kitchen, and a second floor for the residential staff. One of Estelle's Sunday schoolmates, Elissa, works here for the family business. It would also be Schera's drinking pub from time to time, drinking many glasses of wine which freaks out the clerk, Faulkner, to the point of being scared in Schera's presence.



  • Elissa - Estelle's friend and a waitress at the bar. She always tends to her customer's needs.
  • Faulkner - The restaurant's clerk who sells all the meals and drinks, but he gets freaked out when Schera's there.
  • Densel - The owner and chef of the establishment. Cooks up many cuisines for his much-loved job
  • Tabitha - Densel's wife and Elissa's mom. She does the accounting work for the bar.


  • Trent - A miner who always sneaks into the bar for a meal when he is supposed to work.
  • Radford - He used to work in the timber industry, but he doesn't like how his son-in-law manages things.
  • Mirano - A merchant from the City of Bose. She came to Rolent to purchase timber.
  • Simon - Mirano's assistant.


Meal Effect Type Price
Wholesome Pasta Heals 180+HP for everyone Sit-Down 100 MIra
French Fries Heals 100+HP/MOV+1 To-Go 200 Mira
Flowery Soda Heals 250+HP/Cures Poison To-Go 100 Mira
Carmine Eye Heals 100 HP/ Cures Blind To-Go 250 Mira
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