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The AT Bonus list in the Sora no Kiseki FC

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The Action Time (AT) Battle (アクション (AT) バトル Akushon Taimu Bator) is the traditional battle infrastructure of the Trails games. It is where all active combatants take action per turn in order. The order starts with the character at the top of the bar, and continues following below the bar. However, each action taken can cause delay depending on which battle command taken, affecting the time for their next turn.

On the left side of screen is the AT Bar, which shows the turn order of your party and enemies. There are also AT Bonuses' attached the the AT Bar, like HP recovery and critical hit effects, giving either both your party and opponents the advantage.


The first few games had simple battle systems that developed as the series grew. The newer games have more intricate battle systems that involve attention from the player in real-time. They generally make up a large part of the game and allow the party to advance in strength and abilities, gain new items, while gaining the upper hand in the storyline.

List of AT Bonuses

Icon Name Effect Description Other Notes
Tocs - hp10 bonus icon HP Heal 10% Recovers 10% of Max HP
Tocs - hp50 bonus icon HP Heal 50% Recovers 50% of Max HP
Tocs - ep10 bonus icon EP Heal 10% Recovers 10% of Max EP
Tocs - ep50 bonus icon EP Heal 50% Recovers 50% of Max EP
Tocs - critical bonus icon Critical All actions (attacks, arts, heals) are 1.5 as effective Attacks/Crafts will always unbalance the enemy in the Trails of Cold Steel games
Tocs - sepith bonus icon Sepith Up Steals septih form the target
Tocs - 0arts bonus icon Zero Arts Arts can be cast without casting time and EP consumption
Tocs - bad attack bonus icon Status Attack Physical and magic attacks inflict a random immunities if they hit Standard Immunity applies
Tocs - death bonus icon Deathblow
Tocs - vanish bonus icon Vanish Attacks and crafts inflict the Vanish Status
Tocs - cp10 bonus icon CP UP10 Restores CP by 10
Tocs - cp50 bonus icon CP UP50 Restores CP by 50
Tocs - cp100 bonus icon CP UP100 Restores CP by 100
Tocs - CP loss bonus icon CP Loss Reduces CP to 0

Additional Bonuses

Icon Name Effect Description Other Notes
Team rush at-icon Team Rush All Party members attacks one enemy Zero/Ao exclusive




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