Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Name Description CP Cost Level
Chain 3 Area (L)
Cooperation attacks with your party member(s).
20 Default
Luminous Wheel
Attack - Area (S)
Launches a wheel from his blade, cutting into groups of foes.
40 Default
True Luminous Wheel Attack - Area (S), Impede

Launches a more deadly wheel even further than before.

40 103
Luminous Ogre Slash
Attack - Single
Unsheathes sword and attacks with such force that foes faint.
25 Default
True Luminous Ogre Slash Attack - Single, Faint 30%

Unsheathes sword for a deadly attack.

25 114
Luminous Divider
Attack - Single
Attacks with a flurry of slashes before passing through foe.
30 Default
True Luminous Divider Attack - Single

Attacks with an increased number of rapid slashes.

30 128
S-Craft Description Level
Afterglow Smasher
Attack - Single
Unsheathes blade so fast that enemies won't even notice it.
Sakura Morning Moon
Attack - Single
So fast, it leaves no afterimage --- only a trail of blood.
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