Alisa is the only daughter of Reinford Group's Chairman, Irina Reinford, and Granddaughter of the last chairman Gwyn Reinford. She has a maid named Sharon Kreuger who's been with her after the events of her father's death.

Ever since her father died, her mother focused herself on developing the Reinford Company which eventually led to the constructions of the Railway System and the Railway Guns at the Garrelia Fortress. Her Grandpa Gwyn resigned in his duty as a chairman of their company because of it and became a traveler since. Alisa was depressed about it and blamed her mother for taking control most of the company's board.

Alisa decided to enroll to the Thor's Military Academy at Trista to escape her mother and also Sharon. The first student she met was Rean Shwarzer whom she got bumped at the entrance of the Trista Station. Afterwards she proceeded to the school campus to attend the Entrance Ceremony.

The ceremony eventually ended with Principal Vandyck's speech. Alisa and the other guys and gals in red uniform were left in the stadium after the Vice Principal asked the first years to proceed into their classrooms. A female instructor came close to them and asked to follow her for their "Orienteering Exercise" at the Old Schoolhouse.

The female instructor who soon introduced herself as their homeroom teacher is none other than Sara Valestein and without further ado she commenced their exercise without notice by clicking the switch for a trapdoor beneath Alisa and the others.

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