Altina S-Craft Cut-in CS3
Like Millium Orion, Altina is mentally linked with her combat shell, Claimh=Solais where she can summon it at will while protecting tis master. In accordance to its etymology, Altina's combat strategies are more seems focused on slashes which is opposite to Airgetlam's punches. However due to her character being opposite of Millium's, Altina is more composed and analytical when performing assigned operations and precise location of teleporting herself in the middle of things and disappearing the next minute.

Crafts & S-Crafts

Trails of Cold Steel II

  • Black Barrier: Claimh=Solais crosses his big arms over the girl when she does the same thing, as a red magic circle appears beneath her; before develops them to create a barrier. Effect: PHYS Reflect.
  • Brionac: Pointing off to give an order of command, Claimh=Solais crosses it’s arms, then unlashes a red beam attack to hit all targets in a straight way, dealing damage amount. Effect: CRITICAL, DEF Down, ADF Down.
  • Maser Arm: Lifting up the right arm, will cause Claimh=Solais to do the same act, but instead produce a crimson energy laser arm on it’s structure. Then swings it around in a spin formation, causing a sizable amount of damage on targets. Effect: CRITICAL.
  • Magna Bringer: Altina's S-Craft held up her left hand, then points it forward for Claimh=Solais to spin in a ball form before…transforming into some futuristic royal diamond-edge sword with a rocket engine igniting from the handle area of  the sword form. It’ll strike the targets, then fly around to where Altina leaps up to ride it like a surfboard. Spins around the targets once before flying upwards, then aims the blade part downwards before leaping off the diving attack. The rocketing machine sword will impact the targets, causing a large implosion to break the rocky structure, causing a large amount of damage to almost finish off targets.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Name Description CP Cost Level
Defector Δ
Argem Beam
S-Craft Description Level
Arcadis Gear
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