Mirage Element - Sen
Mirage Element - Sen

Kanji アナライズ
Rōmaji Anaraizu
Arts Information
Elements Required Tocs - mirage sepith icon x1
EP Cost 10
Arts Type Support
Effects Enemy Analysis
Range Type Single
Base Damage
Cast Time 500
Rigor Time
Power Rank
Ao no Kiseki + EVO
Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold Steel II
Trails of Cold Steel III
Trails in the Sky EVO
Trails in the Sky SC EVO
Trails in the Sky the 3rd EVO

Analyze is one of the mirage-elemental arts in the Trails Universe.


One of the analyzing capabilities in the Trails Games. Activated after cast in the previous turn, orbal effects calculate around the target until the results are displayed.


  • This orbal art is imperative since its game debut to analyze enemies for the notebook.
  • Only Zero no Kiseki and its EVOLUTION remake is this art excluded.
  • Analyzing all enemies with or without this art earns a gold trophy in the PS3/VITA games.
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