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Anton and Ricky

The travelling duo in Trails of Cold Steel.

Anton and Ricky (アントン&リックス Antonn ando Rikkusu) are travelling youths who first appeared in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. They are minor characters who make cameo appearances throughout the Kiseki series, and often send quests to your party through the gameplay.

Anton is the love-seeker stereotype who seeks romance. He tends to take life seriously being the opposite of Ricky, even through they are both unsuccessful at finding work.[1]

Ricky is the sidekick-type who hardly does anything, let alone find employment or any ambitions in life, other than hanging out with Anton. After they travelled around the Erebonian Empire, Ricky went missing throughout the civil war but later found with amnesia. How he recovers is yet unknown.[2]

Anton also appears in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, along with his buddy: Ricky. It is a part of a sidequest. He stands atop the roadside cliff that curves going to the Aurochs Provincial Fort. He requests the aid of Rean and gang to take him back to Bareahard. It comes off as a Hidden mission on the 2nd day during Rean's stay in the city.

Odyssey of Anton - Trails in the Sky SC

In The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC, players get to follow the misadventures, sometimes comical adventures, of Anton and Ricky. The two kids can usually be spotted around major department stores. Such as the the Department store at Grancel.

Sometimes the player may also spot the duo during Estelle and her team's flight. This goes towards the Steam achievement of the same name.



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