Arseid Style

Laura and Victor. Both father and daughter the strongest swordsman of their family

The Arseid Style (アルゼイド流 Arseid Ryuu) is a swordsmanship style unique to the Arseid viscount family. It was first introduced in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel tetralogy, with Viscount Victor S. Arseid as the current master with his daughter being his successor.


Originated from the Eisenritter knights, led by St. Lianne Sandlot since the War of the Lions. The style became fairly renowned for generations to present time as it fully supported Emperor Dreichels Reise Arnor into winning the war. Now it remains in present time in Legram where the Arseid household functions as the dojo.

Using the Greatsword as the foundation weapon, the style focuses on offense and defensive maneuvers while honing on strength both physical and inner. Despite the disadvantage from the weapon's size, the weight should be balanced by the practitioner's physique and awareness to his surroundings through constant training.

Known Practitioners


  • Armor Breaker (鉄砕刃)
    • True Armor Breaker (真・鉄砕刃) An enhanced version of the above attack.
  • Earth Cleaver (地裂斬)
    • True Earth Cleaver (真・地裂斬) An enhanced version of the above attack.
  • Brilliant Spin (洸円牙)
    • Radiant Spin (洸閃牙) An enhanced version of the above attack.
  • Radiant Wings (洸翼陣)
  • Radiant Blade (熾洸剣)
  • Radiant Cleaver (洸迅剣)

Succession Techniques (奥義)

  • Radiant Dance (洸刃乱舞)
    • Radiant Waltz (真・洸刃乱舞)
  • Radiant Lion (獅子洸翔斬)
  • Radiant Phoenix Slash (絶技・洸凰剣)
  • Shining Phoenix Slash (光鳳剣)


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