Arseille kiseki
The Arseille (高速巡洋艦 アルセイユ) is a high-speed cruiser developed by the Zeiss Central Factory for the Royal Guard of Liberl.

Technology & Combat Characteristics


This high-speed airship measures 42 arge in length, and is the pride and joy of the Zeiss Central Factory.

The Arseille can reach a top speed of eighty-nine arge per second (a later upgrade to its specifications allowed it to cruise at one hundred arge per second).


Trails in the Sky SC

Chapter 5 -

Final Chapter - The Arseille manages to escape the Glorious pursuit and bombardment but before closing on the floating ancient city, Leonheart appeared riding on a mechanical robot and shred away Arseille's auxilary engine, sending Arseille crashing on the floating ancient city.

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