Water Element - Sen
Water Element - Sen

Kanji アセラス
Rōmaji Aserasu
Arts Information
Elements Required Tocs - water sepith icon x18, Tocs - earth sepith icon x8, Tocs - mirage sepith icon x4 (SC/3rd)
Tocs - water sepith icon x8 (Zero)
Tocs - water sepith icon x10 (Ao)
Tocs - water sepith icon x13 (Akatsuki)
EP Cost 180 (SC/3rd)
80 (Zero)
160 (Ao/Akatsuki)
Arts Type Recovery
Effects Revive, Heal HP Max (SC/3rd)
Revive, Heal HP Medium (Zero)
Range Type Single
Base Damage
Cast Time 1000
Rigor Time 2000 (Zero)
2500 (Ao)
Power Rank
Trails in the Sky SC + EVO
Trails in the Sky the 3rd + EVO
Zero no Kiseki +EVO
Ao no Kiseki +EVO

Athelas is one of the water arts in the Trails Universe.


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