The aureole ring

Aureole, the Shining Ring (輝く環オーリ・オール Ōri Ōru) is one of the Sept-Terrion – a treasure of the space-attribute in the Trails Universe.

It was bestoyed to the Auslese Family, protected by the ancient dragon, Ragnard and sealed deep in the epicentre of the Liberl Ark.


Specifications unknown, legend tells that the ring can "grant infinite wishes" of all its inhabitants through interaction with Gospels. It remained hidden as the Liberl Ark's power core, which levitates the floating city and functions as the city's master computer, fending off all that harm it with its judgmental self-defence mechanism.

It was briefly mentioned in FC's Final Chapter by Alan Richard, as part of his final plan.

During the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon in S.1203, as part of Ouroboros's Gospel Plan, it fell into Georg Weissmann's hands all according to his manipulation of events of resurrecting the floating city. Upon his acquisition, he eventually absorbed the treasure turning him into the game's final boss.

Upon Weismann's death, Campanella acruied it where he handed over to The Grandmaster.


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