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[[File:|left|20px]]Azure Flame Slash[[File:|right|20px]]
Rean Azure Flame
Kanji 蒼焔ノ太刀
Rōmaji Souen no Tachi
Craft Statistics
Base Damage
Effects Tocs - burn status icon 100%(Normal)

200% (Spirit Unification)

Range Type Area (LL)
Power Rank SSS (Normal)

SSS+ (Spirit Unification)

Game Designation
User Rean Schwarzer
Game(s) Trails of Cold Steel

Trails of Cold Steel II

Obtained Event at Final Chapter (Trails of Cold Steel)

Event at Prologue (Trails of Cold Steel II)

Azure flames, gather around my blade! Haaaaaah. Strike!!
—Rean's S-Craft announcement


Azure Flame Slash (蒼焔ノ太刀 Souen no Tachi ) is Rean Schwarzer's second S-Craft initiated in Trails of Cold Steel during the end game and the primary S-Craft in Trails of Cold Steel II. it's a upgraded version of Rean's previous S-Craft, Flame Slash.

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