Akatsuki battle result

Battle Result in Akatsuki no Kiseki

The Battle Result (戦闘結果 Sentou Kekka) is an after-battle display screen in the Kiseki gameplay, showing the gains Experience Points (EXP) and Item Drops. Since the Zero/Ao duology, the Battle Results were upgraded with the Tactical Bonus (タクティカルボーナス Takutikaru Bonasu), a new sub-system that multiplies EXP by rate, depending on the following battle conditions below.

As a minority, all characters present the end of the battle quotes his/her post-battle catchphrase.

Zero/Ao no Kiseki

Name Requirement Bonus EXP
First Attack
Gain the Party Advantage 5%
Chain Battle
Make a Chain Battle 50%
Triple Counter
Counter 3 times 10%
Triple Canceller
Cancel Arts/Crafts 3 times 30%
Item Lover
Use Items 3 time 10%
Seven Rush
Getting ahead of the enemy for 7 straight turns 10%
No Curia
Recover from Status Effects naturally (no items) 5%
Over Kill
Destroy the enemy with 5x the damage of its remaining HP 10%
Around Kill
Eliminate over 4 enemies simultaneously 20%
Speed Kill
Destroy all enemies within 2 moves after the battle starts 5%
No Damage
Win without gaining damage 20%
No Move
Win without moving 20%
Win a battle from overcoming a pinch 10%
Support Finish
Finish the battle with a Support Attack 30%

Trails of Cold Steel 1

Battle Evaluation

Name Requirement Bonus EXP
Vanquisher Defeat 4 or more enemies at once 40%
Triple Kill Defeat 3 enemies at once 30%
Double Kill Defeat 2 enemies at once 20%
Triple Cancel Cancel an enemy's arts or crafts 3 times 20%
Vengeance Win the battle while your HP is low 20%
Unscathed Win without any party members taking damage 20%
Double-Teamed Perform link attacks 2 or more times 20%
Triple Counter Counterattack 3 times 10%
Overkill Defeat an enemy by dealing over 5x their remaining HP in damage 10%
Deadly Reprisal Defeat an enemy with a counterattack 10%
Swift and Sure Win within 3 turns 10%
First Strike Successfully initiate an encounter with advantage 10%
Natural Remedy Let status ailments fade on their own 3 times 10%
Bag of Tricks Use 3 items 10%
Scouter Analyze all of an enemy's info 10%



  • Players earn the Dazzling Tactics (絢爛攻守 Kenran kōshu) trophy in the PS3/VITA Games for meeting each game's respective conditions.
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