Bear Claw Survey
Kanji ベアズクローの調査
Rōmaji Beazukurō no Chōsa
Quest Type Optional
Quest Description
I am searching for sites within the Bose Region where a plant known as the Bear Claw grows.

If anyone knows of such places, please notify me at the Spence Pharmacy within the Bose Market. And come see me if you need further information, too!
Difficulty Medium
Client Spence
Points Earned 4
Reward(s) 1000 Mira
Acquisition After returning from the Haken Gate prison with Olivier
Expires Passing through the Krone Pass at the beginning of Chapter 2.
Main Location Nebel Valley
Timeframe Short
Main Game + Chapter
Trails in the Sky, Chapter 1

Bear Claw Survey is an optional quest available during Chapter 1 in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

Notebook Guide

Travel to the Nebel Valley 1st Map and follow the west path, when a crossroad appears take the east downhill path to where Master Cryon resides. Head through the tunnel behind Master Cryon, the Bear Claw is situated at the end of the path. Speak to Spence at the Spence Pharmacy to complete the quest.

Notebook Entry

  • We found a Bear Claw in the Nebel Valley!
  • We reported out findings to Spence. Our job here is done!
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