Black Alberich
Black Alberich (Cold Steel 4)
True Name Frantz Reinford
Date of Birth
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color
Relatives Alisa Reinford (daughter)
Irina Reinford (wife)
Gwyn Reinford (father-in-law)
Piloted Units
Main Game
Trails of Cold Steel
Other Media
Voice Actor(s)
Black Alberich, also known as Alberich of Black Demise, Frantz Lughman or Frantz Reinford is the leader of the Gnome Clan or the Kinship of Earth. He is also the father of Alisa Reinford and the husband of Irina Reinford.


Black Alberich is probably known as the elder of the Gnomes who absolutely lived from the era of the Dark Ages; especially the time of Zoro-Agruga. Alberich and his clan alongside the Hexen Clan formed a battlefront with then Emperor Hector Reise Arnor I to invade the capital.

The battle resulted into their victory but has the massive death toll of their clans including their elders. This left him and Roselia taking charge to their clans and lead them into the present era.

However, Alberich saw a premonition about the coming of a powerful being and since then he and his clan decided to severe their ties and never face each other.

Trails of Cold Steel 3

In the current era, Alberich disguised himself into a scientist of the Reinford Group and married its heiress: Irina Reinford. But at the same time he has planned his steps to steal the technology of the company. At that time, Sharon Kreuger was tasked to met up with him by the orders of Campanella however he made his escape by creating an explosion at the Reinford HQ fatally wounding the lady. Irina found the truth of his identity and rather than leaving Sharon die, she helped and employed her as their family maid.

He also stole all the knowledge and research of Crossbell Alchemists and created 74 artificial humans -the Homunculus Project - with the Black Workshop. His work resulted on commissioning his last two homunculus --Millium and Altina Orion-- and is personally given to Giliath Osborne as part of his Ironbloods. In this regard, his artificial humans are also called as Originator Zero, a being that is bound with a Combat shell and is an essential creation to have its soul sublimate into a Sword of Demise.

His works are entirely focused into the Great Twilight Plan, a plan to bring out the Great Twilight in the heart of Erebonia and let it submerge into the darkness. In order to make this happen Alberich made an allegiance to Giliath Osborne and the organization, even knowing that both parties have different reasons to enact the plan.


His only appearance is in Alisa's past. Frantz is seen as a middle-aged man with spectacles and short hair.

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