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Blade (ブレード Bureido) is a card mini game introduced in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. The card game became a popularity hit with the locals thanks to a certain hoodlum's obsession with teaching children how to gamble.

The game can be played during the train ride events between your party members assigned for the given Field Study. Depending on whom you play with win or lose, it will level up your Combat Links. EXP gained is the same regardless of win or loss. If the player simply wants the link EXP, one option is to simply quickly lose the game by playing a card that cannot beat their opponent's hand in order to instantly lose.

The game is succeeded in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II by Blade II. The rules of this game are largely the same, however, it adds a couple of new cards with special effects, such that the player may find it necessary to alter their strategy.


There are two types of cards in this game; Numbered and "effect" cards. Number value ranges from 1 to 7. There are initially two kinds of effect cards. Later in Blade II, two more are added. The cards are as following.

  • Bolt cards. Used to remove the last card placed by your opponents.
  • Mirror cards. It switches position of latest card placed on the field.
  • Blast Card. it allows the player to randomly remove one card from opponent's hand. This is added in Blade II
  • Force Card. This card doubles your latest total value. This is added in Blade II.

How to Play

The goal of this game is to have total card value higher than your opponent by the endgame. One game uses only ten cards players draw from their respective deck beforehand.

  • To begin the game, both player draw one card from their deck and place it on the field. Player with lower number has the first turn. Bolt, Mirror, Blast and Force placed on the field this way are treated as 1.
  • Player has to make sure they card value surpass the opponent's every turn. The process repeats until one player is unable to surpass opponent's card value or player runs out of cards.
  • As a special rule, number 1 card can be used to bring back the last card removed by Bolt.
  • When both player have equal total value, the field is cleared and the match is considered a draw. Both players then have to draw 10 new cards and start new game. 
  • Effect cards can't be used last. When this happens, player automatically loses the game.
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