Bonding event choice
Bonding Events (絆イベント Kizuna Ibento) is an event system to bond with other characters of the Trails gameplay, shown in the Zero/Ao duology and Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.

Each event taken reveals a main character's additional backstory about his/her past while improving the protagonist's relationship with them. The Cold Steel trilogy upgrades the function in being more visible with a progressive new-game cycle for more characters.

Zero/Ao duology

In the Zero/Ao games, bonding events is a hidden function. Depending on the character you choose for every choice event, invisible Bonding Points (絆ポイント Kizuna Pointo) are accumulated

Trails of Cold Steel trilogy

Freetime events

The "Exclamation Mark" highlight means those with the events

During certain days of the game, you will automatically receive limited amount of bonding points per day with each point consumed for the time spent with a main character. Each bonding event raises the Link EXP with the character you spend time with, while certain NPCs have a hidden Link EXP value.

The characters with bonding events are highlighted by the Yellow Exclamation mark, shown on the Trista Map shortcut. Speak to either of them by choice to gain Link EXP with them, while simultaneously completing the character notes in the Student Notebook.


  • In the Zero/Ao duology, this gameplay bears no importance other than getting achievements and trophies in the EVO remakes.
  • Its impossible to view all the character's events on the first playthrough. Only by the New Game + playthroughs can you get additional Bonding Points. Keep repeating until you receive maximum Link Levels and thus fulfilling the Character Profiles.
  • Getting a max link for every character is awarded a hidden bronze trophy for their end route.
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