Bose Bracer Guild

The first floor of the guild

The Bose Bracer Guild is Bose's guild branch in the Liberl Kingdom. As such all missions, whether its a main or side mission, are found here. The chief of this guild is Lugran who is in charge of being reported all the results. Estelle and Joshua had to temporarily sign into the guild as they were junior bracers during the events of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. It is located in the City of Bose as well.


The guild is located on the northern block of the City of Bose right next to the prestigious Anterose Restaurant. Inside contains the regular type of guild on the first floor with the chief to report to behind the counter and some bulletin boards to check for missions. The second floor is a more relaxing area for the guild members with some tables to sit and some books to read near a fireplace. The third floor is all for research with it studded with many books all over the place.

Guild Bracers

  • Lugran - the chief of the guild who handles all the reports coming into to him.
  • Sting - a bracer with crimson hair who is always focused on his mission.
  • Estelle Bright - worked temporarily at the guild to investigate the missing Linde.
  • Joshua Bright - worked temporarily at the guild to assist Estelle in investigating the missing Linde.
  • Anelace Elfead - a senior bracer who still goes to the Bose Bracer Guild from time to time.

Bracer Guild Missions

Estelle and Joshua's missions during their time in Bose had very few main missions due to devoting most of their time to the incident of the missing airliner and the burglaries in the southern block of the City of Bose. As a result there are only 2 main missions, 9 side missions, and 2 hidden side missions.

Main Missions:

  1. Missing Airliner - the main story of the Chapter 1 where the party discovers who the culprits are and stops them.
  2. South Block Burglary - The second main mission to find who committed the burglary which is also related to the missing airliner.

Side Missions:

Hidden Side Missions:

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