The Bracer Guild's Ranking System is divided between the levels of Junior Bracers (準遊撃士 Jun Yūgekishi), the novice division and Senior Bracers (正遊撃士 Sei Yūgekishi), the veteran division. Each division has its own set of ranks which increases from 10 through 1 for Juniors, and G through A for Seniors.

In Zemuria, a Bracer's strength and capabilities is measured by their ranking and determined by their resume of accomplishments and fulfilled requests. Yet rank and strength does not determine a Bracer's efficiency, for they are to be communicative specialists to conduct investigations and negotiations. Only about twenty A-Rank Bracers are active across the continent, where there are only four S-Rankers for chances of obtaining such a rank is exceedingly rare.


In the games, the criteria of the Bracer Ranks can be determined by the player's performance, because the quests are portrayed optional. The player's ranks increases due to the accumulation of points earned through quest posted in the guild's bulletin board. In addition, each promotion will reward the player rare items that are beneficial throughout the story. (BEWARE!!), that completing all quests on the board does not add up to full points upon completing the game. There are extra points hidden in the game through hidden quests and events, which might requiring careful listening or trial and error.

As the story complies starting with Trails in the Sky, the player controls Estelle and Joshua where they eventually begin as Junior Bracer at default while complying with the game's tutorial. In following the series' plotline, the system is also complied into the following SC sequel following the rankings of where Senior Bracers. Upgrading to the next rank are rewarded with points, bonus points for extra credit, and rare items to the player.

Trails in the Sky

Rank Given Item Details
8 Information Shows enemy status
7 Eagle Eye Shows the location of enemies on the map.
6 Petrify Gives 10% chance of petrifying enemies per attack.
5 Haze Makes enemies unable to see the party.
4 Strike Gives 10% chance of making a critical hit.
3 Deathblow 1 Gives 10% chance of killing an enemy.
2 Grail Locket Gives immunity to all status effects.
1 Gladiator Belt Automatically recovers CP for the equipper.

Trails in the Sky SC

Rank Given Item Details
G+ Silver Chain DEF+15, Invalids Poison Effects
F Absorb Recovers 2% of user's max HP when defeating an enemy.
F+ Bright Pulse Gain more Zepith from enemies than usual
E Petrify Gives a 10% of petrifying enemies per attack
E+ Ingenuity Recover small amounts of EP while walking.
D Haze Enemies become unaware of presence.
D+ Deathblow 1 Gives a 10% chance of killing an enemy
C Aqua Master Fishing Rod
C+ Grail Locket Gives immunity to all status effects
B Gladiator Belt Automatically recovers CP for the equipper
B+ Strega B1 DEF+200, MOV+10
A Aura Guard DEF+555, ADF+50

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Tips and Hints

  • Trails in the Sky SC
    • If managed to complete the first game while perfectly accumulating full points, carrying the save data over to the second game will be rewarded a a certain quartz that increases the rare drop rate by 30% while unlocking other secrets and new dialogue.
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