This tab indexes all the Orbal Arts available within the Trails of the Sky trilogy. Those in italics and brackets represent the new arts introduced per game starting with SC.

Arts Index
Earth Water Fire Wind
Stone Hammer Aqua Bleed Fire Bolt Air Strike
Earth Lance Blue Impact Fire Bolt EX Aerial
Petrify Breath Blue Ascension (SC) Flare Arrow Aero Storm
Stone Impact Diamond Dust Napalm Breath Lightning
Petrify Cloud (SC) Cocytus (SC) Cyclone Napalm (SC) Plasma Wave
Titanic Roar Tear Spiral Flare Ragna Blast (SC)
Atlas Hammer (SC) Teara Volcanic Rave Grand Stream (SC)
Geo Catastrophe (SC) Tearal Meteor Fall (SC) Sylphen Guard
Earth Guard Tear All (SC) Arc Prominence (SC) Sylphen Wing
Earth Wall La Tear Forte Sylpherion (SC)
Gaia Shield (SC) La Teara La Forte (SC) Gale Lancer (3rd)
Crest La Tearal (SC)
La Crest (SC) La Tear All (SC)
Petrosphere (SC) Curia
La Curia
Athelas (SC)
Time Space Mirage
Soul Blur Dark Matter (SC) Chaos Brand
Shadow Spear Lost Mebius (SC) Saint
Hell Gate A-Crest (SC) Silver Thorn (SC)
White Gehenna Dark Matter EX (3rd) Zodiac (SC)
Death Scream (SC) Tempest Fall (3rd) Phantom Pain (SC)
Abyss Fall (SC) Genesic Barrier (3rd) Silent Cross (SC)
Clock Up Ascension (3rd)
Clock Up EX Downside (3rd)
Anti-Sept Arc Drain (3rd)
Anti-Sept All
Orbal Down (SC)
E-Drain (3rd)
Calamity Blast (3rd)


Arts Index
Earth Water Fire Wind
Stone Hammer Aqua Bleed Fire Bolt Air Strike
Petrify Breath Icicle Edge Flare Arrow Sparkle
Stone Impact Blue Impact Heat Wave Aerial
Earth Lance Blue Ascension (SC) Spiral Flare Plasma Wave
Gaia Titanis (SC) Diamond Dust Napalm Breath Aero Storm
Titanic Roar Ice Hammer (SC) Volcanic Rave Spark Dyne
Atlas Hammer(SC) Around Noah (SC) Flare Butterfly Grand Stream (SC)
Geo Catastrophe (SC) Cocytus (SC) Cyclone Napalm (SC) Thunder Cyclion (SC)
Earth Guard Aqua Mirage Crimson Ray (SC) Sylpheed
Earth Wall Tear Arc Prominence (SC) Lorelei (SC)
Gaia Shield (SC) Teara Forte Breath
Crest Tearal La Forte Holy Breath
La Crest Tear All (SC) Impassion Recuria
Earth Pulse Thelas
Time Space Mirage
Soul Blur Photon Shoot Ascension
Shadow Spear Gold Halo Chaos Brand
Hell Gate A-Crest Analyze
White Gehenna Fortuna Saint
Death Spiral Innocent Arc Downside
Death Scream (SC) Dark Matter (SC) Arc Drain (SC)
Abyss Fall (SC) Last Disaster (SC) Silver Thorn (SC)
Calamity Blast (SC) Lost Mebius (SC) Galleon Tower (SC)
Clock Up Tempest Fall (SC) Zodiac (SC)
Clock Down Genesic Barrier (SC) Phantom Pain (SC)
Anti-Sept Celestial (SC) Avalon Gate (SC)
Anti-Sept All
Calamity Claw


  • In the Trails in the Sky EVOLUTION remakes, activating all the arts will earn the Arts Master trophy.
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