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Quest List of the Bracer Notebook in Sora no Kiseki (PC)

The full chronological listing of all quests (mandatory, optional side-quests, and hiddens) in the Trails in the Sky trilogy.

  • Those in italics represent the new quests added per new game within the series.
  • Those in bold italics represents the hidden
  • Those in <quotations> are the mandatory quests for the storyline.

Trails in the Sky (+EVO)

Chapter Quest Name BP Duration
Start Deadline
<Child Rescue>
<Mayor Klaus' Request>
<Mayoral Theft>
<Perzel Farm Monsters>
<The Liberl Media>
<Training: Retrieval>
Find the Shiny Rock 2
Mushroom Hunt 3
Orbment Replacement 3 (+1)
Medical Necessities 3
Soldier Training 3 (+2)
Lost Kitten 2
Elize Highway Monster 4
Milch Road Monster 3
<Missing Airliner>
<South Block Burglary>
Letter Carrier 2
Ravennue Monster 4
Amberl Tower Mystery 4
Escort Request 4 (+1)
Bear Claw Survey 4
Ingredient Seeker 3
Stolen Ring 3
Black Notebook 5
East Bose Monster 4
Nebel Valley Monster 5
West Bose Monster 4
New Ansel Path Monster 5
<Krone Pass Attacked!>
<Orphanage Crisis>
<Festival Help>
<Theresa the Target>
Lighthouse Monsters 4
Maintenance Delivery 4
Secret of the Old Map 3 (+2)
Find the Prototype! 3
Escort Job 5
Warehouse Key 2
Candelabrum Theft 7
Make Him Leave! 3 (+2)
Research Materials Hunt 1
Decorate the Campus 1
Clear Out the Old School Building 3
Gull Seaway Monster 4
Gull Seaway Monster 2 5
Aurian Road Monster 4
<Black Orbment Moan>
<Elmo Pump Repair>
<Factory Incident>
<Prof.'s Whereabouts>
Haulage Vehicle Search 4
Haulage Vehicle Repair 5
Product Testing 4 (+2)
Potent Ingredient 3
Smoker's Revolt 4
Temp Librarian 3
Temp Librarian Plus 3
Temp Librarian Plus 2 4
Temp Librarian Plus 3 4
Messenger of Love 2 (+4)
Tratt Plains Monster 4
Ritter Road Monster 5
Ritter Road Monster 2 6
<To Queen Alicia>
<Hostage Liberation>
<To Rescue a Queen>
Sewer Monster (West) 8
Sewer Monster (East) 8
The Embassy Mission 3

Trails in the Sky SC (+EVO)

Chapter Quest Name BP Duration
Start Deadline
<General Training>
<Midnight Assault>
<Preparations for Practice>
<Ruan Branch Assistance>
<White Shadow Case>
Come, Ingredient Hunters!
Recruiting Great Gamblers
Sapphirl Tower Photo
Vista Forest Road Monster
Lighthouse Test Run
Gull Seaside Way Monster
Sunday School Lecturer
Krone Trail Monster
Aurian Causeway Monster
Election Office Assault
<Earthquake Investigation>
<Investigate the Epicenter>
The Stolen Sign
Training Assistance
New Model Orbal Gun Test
Kaldia Tunnel Monster
Tratt Plains Monster
Parts Search
Eliminating Peeping Tom
Tratt Plains Monster 2
Soldat Army Road Monster
<Attending the Tea Party>
<Lost Child>
<Search for Renne>
<The Calling Letter>
<Threat Letter Case>
Missing Quest
Erbe Scenic Route Monster
Grancel Sewer Monster
The Missing Exhibit
Grancel Sewer Monster 2
Royal Avennue Monster
<Coma Cases Investigation>
<Fog Area Investigation>
<Secure the Perzel Farm>
<Woman in Black Pursuit>
The Ring That Flew Away
Fishing Spot Search
Elize Highway Monster
Milch Main Road Monster
Search for Lost Cat
Milch Main Road Monster 2
Esmelas Tower Monster
<Dragon Assault Case>
<Dragon Pursuit>
<Wanted Monsters Bounty>
Nostalgic Recipe
Diaset's Secret
Mine Commission
Krone Pass Monster
Nebel Valley Monster
Amberl Tower Monster
Imperial Request
The Missing Lady
The Rarest Flavor
Ravennue Trail Monster
<Break at the Lakeside>
<Facility Infiltration>
Memories of Distant Days
Merchant Escort
Mine Extermination
7 <Tetracyclic Towers>
<Distribution of the ZFGs>
<The Danger in the Capital>
Krone Pass Monster 2
New Ansel Path Monster 2
Gull Seaside Way Monster 2
Sapphirl Tower Monster
The Occupation of Jenis
Tratt Plains Monster 3
Ritter Roadway Monster
Hot Spring Restoration
Grancel Sewer Monster 3
Erbe Scenic Route Monster 2
Elize Highway Monster 2
Milch Main Road Monster 3
Rescue the Miners
<Core Sector>
<Investigate the City>
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