CS3 Break Status 1
CS3 Break Status 2

Break triggered

CS3 Break Status 3

Target in "Break" status

The 'Break Gauge (ブレイクゲージ Bureiku Gēji) is a new gauge parameter introduced in Cold Steel III of the Trails Series. Besides the HP, EP and Gua Gauge, it is a separate parameter gauge (the blue bar underneath) when reduced to zero during battle. The enemy will enter “Break” status, allowing the player to proceed the battle with the following advantages:

  • Increases damage to the target.
  • Items drop when a “Break” occurs.
  • Cancels all ability-increasing status changes.
  • Success rate of an enemy unbalanced becomes 100%.

By dealing damage, the Break Gauge can be lowered at a fixed rate but can be increased from the following:

  • Crafts of high-break ratio
  • Arts that are effective against the enemy's weak attribute.

For enemies with Break Gauges higher than their actual HP, their HP will drop to zero before its Break Gauge even from normal attacks. But those enemies might have rare item drops worth challenging until they "break".

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