Brizahc (ブリザック Buruzakku) is a port town near the south of the western continent. The town itself is small, wNihongoith houses and a dock area similar to those in Balloa. Brizahc is the only way to get to Kanaphia and is quite important as a boating town. Thomas spends time here when traveling from the east to the west continent.


Before leaving Valkd, the group is stopped by someone saying they need help in defeating some monsters in Brizahc. Douglas joins the group, saying he owes them for last time. When they arrive in Brizahc, they're greeted by a woman with red hair who is revealed to be Sapphire Eyes Lucias, a swordswoman who studied under the same teacher as Douglas. Lucias seems annoyed with Douglas and, having already killed the monster, lets them take the horn as well as the credit for the killing. The group returns to Valkd and hands over the horn.

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