The capua noble

The Capua Family (カプア一家 Kapua Ikka), previously known as the Capua Sky Bandits (カプア空賊団) or the Capua Barony (カプア男爵家) is one of the noble families from the Erebonian Empire.


Capua Barony

Before becoming sky bandits, the Capua Family belonged to Erebonian nobility ruling over the territory of Leeves. But that lifestyle ended after the current baron, Don Capua was swindled by a fraud merchant, losing their inheritance and territory.

With only the Bobcat left in their possession, the Capua Family became pirates for survival and occupied a secret hideout within the mists of Nebel Valley.

Capua Sky Bandits (FC ~ SC)

Capua Delivery Service (the 3rd~)

After the events of Trails in the Sky SC, the bandits were pardoned for their assistance and resolved to repay their debt to society. The bandits were reformed into the Capua Delivery Service (カプア運送会社 Kapua Unsōgaisha), offering their logistic services around the continent.

List of Known Members

Bandit Minions

  • Lyall
  • Lonnie
  • Dino
  • Rosco
  • Ryan
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