Cooking in the Kiseki Games is where all acquired recipes are auto-recorded into the game's Recipe Notebook. They recover HP with other additional effects, or used as attack projectiles. There are various categories of dishes exclusive only in their respective story arc.

Trails in the Sky trilogy

Only 2 types of recipes.

  • Sit-In (大皿料理): Dishes consumed on the spot and its effects shared by all party members.
  • To-Go (携帯料理): Dishes eaten anytime and anywhere (especially during battle). For one person only.

Zero/Ao duology

The types have been replaces by differed variations.

  • Outstanding (大成功料理): Improved dishes that are better than the original recipe.
  • Stunning (予想外料理): Revised dishes that are unorthodox than the original.

Trails of Cold Steel trilogy

Inherited from the duology above. For more game-specific details see: Trails of Cold Steel 1- Cooking.

  • Superb (絶品料理): The best cuisine ever cooked from the original recipe.
  • Peculiar (珍妙料理): A strange unorthodox dish with stunning effects
  • Unique (独自料理): An original, yet distinctive culinary masterpiece derived the original.


  • In the PS3/VITA games, completing the recipe notebook will earn the Flaming Cook (炎の料理人) trophy.
  • Only in the Zero/Ao duology can they be achieved.
    • Three-Star Chef (三ツ星シェフ) for completing all Outstanding Dishes.
    • Unorthodox Chef (型破りシェフ) for completing all Stunning Dishes.

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