The Cathedral (カテドラール Katedoraaru) is the headquarters of the Bardus Church. It was created on top of the Sealed Land of Octum.


During the events of The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion, the Cathedral is attacked by Bellias, one of the leaders of Octum's Apostles. The Supreme Priest Esperius makes the attempt to stop Bellias, but is killed. Avin and Eimelle manage to escape but are separated.

Towards the end, Avin and the group must once again travel to the Cathedral to confront Bellias and rescue Eimelle. The Cathedral is surrounded by a mysterious magical field and becomes one of the final areas Mile and company must travel to. They speak to the spirit of Esperius where they learn of Bellias' history and his plan to revive the God of Darkness. It is here where the platform to descend into the Sealed Land is found.

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