The Cemetary (墓地 Hakaba) is a dark, perpetually rain drenched graveyard that lies south of Kanaphia at the end of Seperation Path. The grave of Dominique can be found here as well as the Shrine of Zar which lies below the graveyard.


Avin and the group travel to the cemetary via Seperation Path and places the flowers on Domonique's grave when Madram shows up. He challenges Avin to a fight and if he wins, he receives the Sacred Treasures or if Avin wins, Madram will open the door to Zar Shrine. Avin agrees to the challenge and they begin fighting. Avin tells Madram he is not involved in the church and wants to save his sister, and while Madram agrees, they continue fighting. With a simple pass of the sword by Madram, Avin is defeated. Madram takes the Sacred Treasures and proceeds down to Zar Shrine. Borgeid arrives as Madram is in the shrine. After Madram is defeated by Borgeid, Avin and the group quickly head down and Madram gives them the Sacred Treasures back, opening the gate.
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