Zero-ao statement of liquidation results

The Statement of Liquidation in the Zero/Ao no Kiseki duology

Tocs chapter result

The Chapter Result in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy

The Chapter Result is an in-game function of the game's story. It displays the results per finished chapter, which is determined by the number of completed quests and accumulated points. It was first shown in the Zero/Ao duology by the following patterns.

Series Patterns

  • In the Zero/Ao duology, it is exemplified as a Statement of Liquidation as the main protagonists' roles revolves around police affairs.
  • In Trails of Cold Steel + II, the results are exemplified as a report card with the common letter grade. By completing all the quests along with extra credit, you get an 'S' rank.
  • During the Trails in the Sky trilogy, the function (albeit unnamed) exist but not commenced after the end of the chapter, but by the gamer's choice by talking with a guild receptionist.


  • For the PS3/VITA games, it is imperative to fulfil all the quests (with extra credit) in a chapter to obtain an achievement/trophy.
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