Rolent Aerial View

An isometric map view of Rolent.

City of Rolent

Camera view of the city in the EVOLUTION remake

The Town of Rolent (ロレント市 Rorennto Shi) is the main town area in the Rolent region and it is the hometown of Estelle and Joshua. The town of Rolent contains many archetypes for a normal town like a branch church, an armoury market, an Orbal Factory, a bar, an hotel, the Mayor's house, and the Bracer Guild.

It also contains a sewer area behind the church. Of course, many residences and NPCs with tons of optional subplots and story reside in this town. All these elements makes the town feel like one big community considering it is the only city in the region of Rolent.




  • To Estelle Bright, the landmark clocktower in the town's centre stands as a dear memorial to her late mother.
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