Class IX- Accounting

Class IX: Accounting Division (IX組・主計科 Kyuu Kumi Shukei-ka) is one of the new classes in the Thors Military Academy - Leeves II Campus introduced in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III.


Trails of Cold Steel III

A year and a half later after the Civil War, Class IX was established along with Class VIII as part of Reeves II Campus's new curriculum.

List of Members

  • Characters in bold means instructor status, while italic means current position
Character Thors Status Birthplace Notes/Background
Towa Herschel Staff
Erebonia Head Instructor
Former Student Council President of Main Campus
Musse Egret Student Erebonia Former student of Saint Astraia Girls' School
Tita Russell Student Zeiss, Liberl Granddaughter of ZCF's head, Albert Russell
One of the heroes during the Calamity of Liberl
Louise Student Remiferia Unknown
Tatiana Student Unknown Unknown
Sandy Student Unknown Unknown
Vallery Student Unknown Unknown
Kairi Student Lamarre, Erebonia Unknown
Stark Student Unknown Unknown
Pablo Student Kreuzen, Erebonia Unknown
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