Class VIII- Combat Strategies

Class VIII: Tactics Division (VIII組・戦術科 Hachi Kumi Senjyutsu Ka) is one of the new classes in the Thors Military Academy - Leeves II Campus introduced in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III.


Trails of Cold Steel III

A year and a half later after the Civil War, Class VIII was established along with Class IX as part of Reeves II Campus's new curriculum.

List of Members

  • Characters in bold means instructor status, while italic means current position
Character Thors Status Birthplace Notes/Background
Randolph Orlando Staff Unknown Head Instructor
Crossbell Police Special Support Section member
Former Red Constellation Instruc
Ash Carbide Student Unknown Transitions to New Class VII
Orphaned at the age of 11 via Mother's death.
Jessica Schleiden Student Nortia, Ereobonia Unknown
Leonora Student Unknown Unknown
Maya Student Lamarre, Erebonia Unknown
Wayne Student Unknown Unknown
Sidney Student Unknown Unknown
Freddy Student Unknown Unknown
Gustav Student Aragon Mines, Erebonia Unknown
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