Players can cook by opening the Note Menu and choosing one of the recipes the Recipe tab. A recipe can require anywhere from 2-8 ingredients. Recipes are found via interactions with NPC's in the game including talking, completing quests, and purchasing from vendors.

Cooking can generate the following types of dish:

  • Superb
  • Regular
  • Peculiar
  • Attack
  • Unique

Rean Schwarzer has an average skill at cooking. To increase the likelyhood of getting a certain type of dish, the player (Rean) must cook with another member of Class VII. Each member's cooking skill for a given recipe is depicted with an emoji:

Emoji Skill Level Description
TLoH-ToCS CookingSkill Unique
Unique Very likely to produce a unique dish
TLoH-ToCS CookingSkill Great
Great Very likely to produce a superb dish
TLoH-ToCS CookingSkill Good
Good Reasonably likely to produce a superb dish
TLoH-ToCS CookingSkill Average
Average Reasonably likely to produce a regular dish
TLoH-ToCS CookingSkill Bad
Bad Reasonably likely to produce a peculiar dish

Note: For each recipe, there is only one individual who is skilled at cooking the "unique" dish. That person is initially displayed as having "great" skill; they are only revealed as "uniquely" skilled after the player (Rean) successfully cooks the unique dish with that person.

Consuming food (except Attack dishes) provides bonuses such as:

  • Recover HP
  • Restore EP
  • Cure [Effect]

Attack dishes can be used as single-use attacks.

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