Court Swordsmanship

Jusis and Rufus, highest noble siblings of the Arbarea family

Court Swordsmanship (宮廷剣術 Kyūtei Kenjutsu) is the general combat style to Erebonian tradition, taught only to nobility and presumably some of the lower population. Jusis Albarea is the first party character to utilise the style.


Based on the manuals of historical European martial arts, it involves practiced styles using the one-handed sword. Using the left hand for posture, the term stretches down to various styles through classic fencing to two-handed style.

In the The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel trilogy, Rufus Albarea practiced in the style following noble tradition and taught it to his younger brother, Jusis Albarea.

Known Practitioners


  • Piercing Strike (パワーピアス): The user approaches the target in a stance, and thrusts a powerful hit with elegant color effects of grace.
  • Double Cracker (ダブルクラック): A double-hit combination attack when one user strikes the foe's front, the other from behind.
  • Lightning Bird (ライトニングバード): Charging his rapier with lightning, the user swings straight through a swallow bird dive motion delivering a crescent X-slash.
    • Soaring Bird:
    • Lethal Impalement: An enhanced version of the move. The user approaches a single target, then charges his rapier before thrusting at the target. This leaves an opening when a coordinated partner follows-up in synch. Used by Patrick in CSII.
  • Rumbling Smash (ランブルスラッシュ):
  • Rapid Thrust (クイックスラスト):
  • Rune Blade (ルーンブレイド):
  • Elegant Thrust
  • Sonic Wave
    • Ark Blade (アークブレイド): An enhanced version of the move. In a raising pose with the sword above the shoulder, the user concentrates all the energy in the blade and quickly swings down in a clockwise spiral, slashing all foes in range.
  • Treasure Sword (プレシャスソード):
  • Soul Slicer (ソウルスライサー): The user rapidly thrusts his sword at a single opponent, before delivering a wide upwards slash the opponents in range.

Passive Skills

  • Noble Command (ノーブルオーダー): Ths user gives the command, giving all his allies boosted strength (both in physical and arts) and speed for a brief period.
  • Platinum Shield (プラチナムシールド): Grants all allies in mid-range a barrier that reflects physical attacks.
  • Power Boost (パワーブースト): The user charges his concentrated aura to temporarily boost his strength.

Succession Techniques

  • Crystal Saber (クリスタルセイバー): Jusis's S-Craft
  • Asteion Knights (アスティオンナイツ): Jusis's S-Craft
  • Eternal Ruination (ラストレスルーイン): Rufus's S-Craft where he casts an art trapping the opponents in a barrier. He contrasts the barrier followed by layers of gravitational force before delivering 3 wind-powered slashes to it. As the final blow, he summons lightning to be conducted to generate a reactive impact, dealing massive damage to those inside.


  • The style parallels the tradition of real life court swordsmanship towards the renaissance.
    • Somewhat similar to European swordsmanship and ancient Japanese swordsmanship.
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