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Crafts selection screen in Akatsuki no Kiseki

Crafts (クラフト Kurafuto) is the terminology name for character's signature moves in the Trails series. As an integrate function of the RPG infrastructure, Crafts are obtained by levelling up.



Crafts have appeared in every game of the Trails series since, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky where the system was first introduced. Crafts are unique skills performed by each individual character playable in the series. Each craft technique has its own special benefits and some can be used in place of arts providing the same effects.

Attack Crafts generally focus on physical damage, with some that deals status ailments or attributed with either of the 7 sepith elements. Some can involve healing and other supports to the user's self and others. These include buffs, stat boosts, or unique ones, such as nulling physical or magical damage completely.


While Arts use EP (Energy Points) as its resource, Crafts typically require its own resource, CP (Craft Points) to be used. Crafts also differ from Arts in a number of other ways:

  • All Crafts are cast instantly, and thus cannot be interrupted.
  • Crafts cannot be used outside of battle.
  • Whereas Arts corresponds to the user's ATS stat (if necessary), Crafts correspond to STR and other physical stats to determine effect.
  • Cannot be reflected by Arts with Arts Reflects statuses, like A-Reflex.
  • Blocked by arts and crafts with Physical Immunity statuses, like Earth Guard.


  • The term "Craft" by definition means an activity involving skill in making things by hand, in correspondence to the Trails universe's way of hand-making their personal techniques.

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