Cranka is a small village in The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean. The village is known for their production of high quality fabrics.


The main source of income for Cranka comes from the fabrics. These fabrics are constructed from the sewing machines found in the homes of many residents. These sewing machines are powered by water mills.

Once the fabrics have been made, they often color them with the imported dye from Racos Palma. Afterwards, they are hanged on wooden racks for drying and are exported to other towns.


Many wooden racks with fabrics are placed all around the village. The water way also extends throughout the town with water mills. Small bridges have been built to allow easy access over the water way. The northwest section is where all the dye from Racos Palma are placed.

At the center is a small stage where anyone can perform music. Since there aren't any local musicians, it is mostly used by troubadours and any visitors from the surrounding towns.

North of the town is the water gate, which is used to stop river water from flowing into the water way. This is often done for maintenance.




Cranka Dye

Dyes from Racos Palma

Cranka Stage

Cranka's stage located at the center of the village

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