Creha Rem Ordin
Kanji クレハ・レム・オルディーン
Rōmanji Creha
Physical Information
Age 16 (Temporal State) (actually 1580+)
Gender Female
Eye Color
Hair Color
Occupation Enforcer
Game Appearances
Voice Actor Ayana Taketatsu

Creha is a mysterious character found in Nayuta no Kiseki. Her full name is Creha Rem Ordin.



Creha has long white hair and a white colored mini dress. She wears an amulet which also holds her transparent clothes. She also has a kind heart, although her air-headedness is more prominent when she lost her memories.


Creha is the younger sister of Selam, and is one of the currently living survivors of "People of Mythos", an ancient race who had powers equal to that of Gods of Creation's. A genocide of the race happened, which resulted their land to arose into space and created a huge crater on the surface of the earth. The Ordin siblings lost their father Zekust in the process. But before he died, he gave small portions of his power to Selam and Creha.

As the only two People of Mythos remaining, Selam and Creha created life in their now lifeless land. Feeling lonely, they also created a copy of their father Zekust. After they'd done, Selam and Creha went throught an eternal sleep. But five years before the game begins, the Zekust copy gained free will and went out of control. Then he separated Selam into two beings: one is a dark-skinned boy who later will be known as Signa Alhazan, and another retained Selam's original look. Signa was thrown into the earth and later was found by Orbus Alhazan. Whereas Creha is still in her deep sleep, with Noi taking care of her until Zekust stole all of the Master Gears inside Astrolabe. After that, Noi left Star Garden and Creha in order to chase Zekust and retrieve the Master Gears.

Five years later, Nayuta finds Creha asleep inside a coffin in the center of Star Garden. Signa feels familiar upon looking on her face, and thinks that Lyra would be jealous if she knows Nayuta is attracted by Creha.

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