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Crois family
The Crois Family (クロイス家 Kuroisu Ie) was one of the ancient tribes chosen by Aidios, and bestowed to them the Mirage Treasure (幻の至宝 Maboroshi no Shihou). They were alchemists of the highest degree, by creating magical science, by fusing alchemy with orbal technology.


1200 years before the Zero/Ao no kiseki duology, the loss after the Mirage treasure destroyed itself panicked the entire tribe. Since then, the tribe vowed to revive the lost treasure by all means necessary, letting their mission to become an obsessive desire through the tribe's passing. Through many long years of research, the Crois Family devised a plan that would take many millenniums for it to realise. To use the entire land of Crossbell itself as a ritual to resurrect the treasure, in the form of an Homunculus little girl. The very same figure that the D∴G Cult worshipped, leading to its cruel foundation underneath the bowels of The Tower of Stargate and The Fort of Sun.

As of the present, IBC's president and current head of the family, Dieter Crois continues the legacy by obtaining research funds through its financial network.



  • 'Crois' is a form of the French verb 'croire', which means to believe, have faith in, or to consider oneself as.
    • Additionally, it is similar to 'croix', French for cross, which is a symbol of faith, resurrection, and sacrifice.
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