[[File:|left|20px]]Cross Raven[[File:|right|20px]]
Cross Raven CS1
Kanji クロスレイヴン
Rōmaji Kurosu Reivun
Craft Statistics
Base Damage
Effects SSS
Range Type Area (LL)
Power Rank
Game Designation
User Crow Armbrust
Game(s) The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel
Obtained Default
Yeah, you're done. Cross Raven
—Crow's S-Craft announcement

Cross Raven (クロスレイヴン Kurosu Reivun) is Crow Armbrust's primary S-Craft initiated in Trails of Cold Steel.


With his pistols in both hands, Crow turns around while rapidly firing all his bullets at fast speeds. The bullets covered with jet-black aura separately shift from their shooting directions, surrounding the targets in range until they paused in mid-air. Then with a snap by Crow, the bullets resume firing down towards the surface, damaging foes upon impact.

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