Crossbell Police Department Emblem
As an autonomous state without an army except the Crossbell Guardian Force, the Crossbell State Police Department mainly serve to maintain the peace in Crossbell City and State. However, the great deal of political tension between the Imperial and Republic factions, numerous incidents of corruption, links between politicians and the Mafia as well as maneuvering by groups of foreigners has left the police unable to deal with the situation, causing the citizens have lost faith thus turning their assistance to the Bracer Guild. In an attempt to restore the citizen's trust, the Special Support Section was established.

Special Support Section (SSS)

The Special Support Section is a new division within the police that was created in order to counter the popularity of the Bracers. Modelling themselves off the Braces, the division is focused upon accepting any request from individuals in need. Within the force; they are treated as career dead-ends and wannabe Bracers. Because of this, only the newest recruits are invited to become members.

Members of the CSPD

Special Support Section

Crime Division 1

Other Members

Former Members of the CSPD

  • Arios Maclaine: Transferred to Bracer after his wife died through unknown circumstances.
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