Player Crafts:

Trails of Cold Steel

Name Description CP Cost Level
Rapid Volley Attack (Set) - Area (M) - Delay+15 20 Default
Freezing Bullet Magic Attack (Set) - Area (M) - Freeze (50%) 30 17
Wild Card Support - One - Random effect on ally or enemy 5 42
Chaos Trigger Attack (Set) - Line (M) - Confuse (50%) Nightmare (50%) 45 54

S-Craft Description Level
Cross Raven

Attack (Set) - Area (XL) Class (SSS)

Wildly fires bullets which all hit at once.


Enemy Crafts

C’s Battle Scope: 1st: A mysterious masked man who leads the terrorists. Wields a double saber with immense skill, using varied attacks.

Crow’s Battle Scope: 1st: Leader Of the Imperial Liberation Front. Wields a double saber from the Dark Ages with great skill. 2nd: The Azure Knight’s Awakener. Fights with all he has as the front leader and as a member of Class VII.

-Criminal Edge: Charges his double saber with purple aura, then swings it off in dealing battle damage to all around targets and knock them far backwards across the field. Perform by C and Crow.

-Arc Slash: The enemy wields his double saber as it glows a violet-pink aura, then swings it out in dealing damage on the targets before him. It maybe an advance form of Criminal Edge. Performed by C and Crow.

-Wild Card: The enemy holds out a card in his left hand, before tossing it to impact a target. Effect: Confusion.

-Spark Sphere: The enemy throws out red glimmer balls that suddenly turn into mechanical spheres; which are known as NT-I. Then with a snap of his finger, they will ignite an implosion, delivering a flow of damage to the number of targets. Effect: Dizziness. Performed by C and Crow.

-Blade Throw: The enemy will twirl around his double saber to charge it with a violet glow, then spin throws it off to strike it’s targets, acting like a boomerang to return to it’s thrower after dealing a surmountable damage. Effect: PHYS Reflect, ARTS Reflect.


C/Crow’s S-Craft:

Deadly Cross: The enemy will wield his double saber as he charges up a red-violet flow of energy, before dashing out at the targets. Striking them with the first black volt blow, then preparing to twirl the double saber for the next attack, by slashing it left and right in firing an ‘X’ shape beam attack followed by a trail of burning implosions. Time will freeze over the area in a void space in showing the impact on the targets, before time resumes with the blazing impact done followed by the large damage dealt. Performed by C and Crow.


Trails of Cold Steel

Name Effect Price Obtained Location
Trickster STR+355 RNG+5 N/A Default Weapon
Trickster +1 STR+430 SPD+3 EVA+5% RNG+5 N/A Chapter 6 Default Weapon
Colt & Pony STR+480 RNG+5 7400 RF Arms
Double Mustang STR+515 SPD+5 EVA+10% RNG+5 N/A Synthesis: Colt & Pony + U-Material x7
Fire & Ice STR+525 RNG+5


burn (10%) / freeze(10%)

N/A "Shots Fired" Quest
Shadow Jack STR+555 RNG+5 9500 Engineering Building
Crime & Punishment Synthesis:
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