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Deadly Cross Crow

Deadly Cross C

Deadly Cross Ordine

Kanji デッドリークロス
Rōmaji Deddori Kurosu
Craft Statistics
Base Damage 55,000+
Effects N/A
Range Type Line, Area (XL)
Power Rank SSSS+
Game Designation
User Crow Armbrust
Game(s) Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold Steel II
Obtained Final Chapter (default)
Shoulder the cross of your demise! Huwaaaah! Deadly Cross!!
—Crow's S-Craft announcement

Deadly Cross (デッドリークロス Deddorī Kurosu) is one of Crow Armbrust's S-Craft in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy. It appears to be an enhanced version of Deadly End., and usable when Crow is piloting Ordine


The user overflows with a whirlwind of pink/violet energy forces before swinging the double spear out. Then charges up to dashing towards attack the target, which the user twirls its weapon enveloping in a magenta color electrical charge before slashing it forth twice to form an ‘X’ size beam cutter wave at the target. It will strike the target where the implosive burst comes forth, time stands still in a blacken state before returning to normal as the target suffers the overwhelming force impact.

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