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Deadly End
Kanji デッドリーエンド
Rōmaji Deddorī Endo
Craft Statistics
Base Damage 25,000+
Effects  ???
Range Type  ???
Power Rank S+
Game Designation
User Crow Armbrust
Game(s) Trails of Cold Steel
Obtained Default
Show me the cross of your demise! Huwaaaah! Deadly End!!
—Crow's S-Craft announcement

Deadly End (デッドリーエンド Deddorī Endo) is one of Crow Armbrust's S-Craft in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy. It remains hidden till Crow reveals himself as Ordine's awakener.


Crow/Ordine charges the double saber into a position stance. Then swings the double saber at the enemy delivering a devastating slash. Then crouches down while announcing the final blow, thrusting the lance at a critical pinpoint.

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