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The Deus Excellion (騎神 (デウス=エクセリオン)) or also known as Divine Knights are the mechanical mobile weapons of ancient Erebonian Legend, introduced in the Trails of Cold Steel tetralogy.


Throughout Erebonian history, the knights are passed as titanic existences of ancient folklore as protectors from great calamity or rulers of great destruction. Records have proven their existence throughout battle whenever civil conflict erupts within the Empire, as foretold from the War of the Lions 250 years ago prior to the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.

Now sealed underground to current times, the knights would sense and select throughout the Empire people as their Awakener Candidates (起動者候補 Kidousha Kouhou) after overcoming the bequeathed trails. Those who support those candidates during the trials are labeled as Secondary Contractors (準契約者 Jun Keiyakusha), enabling the Knights to cast powerful arts. Secondary Contractors also have some form of control over the mobile machines, even in an abandoned or solo state.

The knights have long survived the Dark Ages 1200 years prior the Zemurian timeline, with their armor and weapons forged of Zemurian Ore. Crafted by the gnome blacksmiths while co-operating with the witches that guide their paths, eventually forming a tribe known as the Hexen Clan.


  • The Knights are roughly tall at a 7~8 Arge statutory size average.
  • Any damage dealt to the knight, the Awakener shares in synchronization state which can be fatal if the damage is severe.
  • Spirit Path (精霊の道): An ancient teleportation ability that utilizes the spirit veins connected throughout the Imperial continent. It allows up to designated people to travel instantly to even the distant locations. Using it can consume most of the knight's mana.
  • Contractor Search: If secondary contractors appear, the knight can detect them using the spirit energy in the ground veins.
  • Telepathy: The knights can telepathically communicate with its Awakener
  • Healing Factor: The knights can self-regenerate ts armor and replenishes its mana. Afterward, it hibernates for 1 month for complete restoration if near fatal status.

List of Units

Divine Knights

Panzer Soldat Variants

Other Variants

Notes and Trivia

  • Their primary appearance marks the next industrial impact of the Orbal Revolution.
  • Unlike current technology that operates on Orbal Energy, the knights operate on Mana (霊力 (マナ)).
    • Mana is said to be unprocessed orbal energy in its natural form.
  • The knight's build average is shorter compared to Ouroboros's Goldius-class Archaisms (namely Pater-Mater = 15.5 arges.


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