Dios Shrine Path (ディオス参道 Diosu Sando) leads to the Cathedral and can be reached via the Dominus Bridge. The monsters encountered here are the Jaw Back and Zansoo.


Avin arrives at the end of Dios Shrine Path and comes to see a huge, ominous dark magical barrier. He attempts to break through the barrier multiple times but is unsuccessful in each attempt. Borgeid appears in front of the barrier to confront Avin. However, Avin is no match for him and eventually fails due to getting caught by one Borgeid's fireball spells. Suddenly, Rutice shows up to defend Avin from Borgeid, but she ends up getting injured as well. Before he can finish them both off, Gawaine arrives with two paladin guards to which Borgeid retreats. It is only towards the end of the Dios Shrine Path where Avin cuts through the dark barrier leading to the Cathedral.


The pathway is empty except for monsters and the occasional dead tree. At the end of the path is a large barrier which leads into the Cathedral. The barrier was placed by Octum, and thus humans can't pass through.


  • The condition of the terrain worsens the closer it is to the Cathedral.


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