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The Divine Knight Battles in Cold Steel II

Divine Knight Battle CS3 02

An evolution to the Divine Knight Battles in Cold Steel III

The Divine Knight System (騎神戦 Kishin Sen) is the prominent new feature of the Cold Steel trilogy of the Trails Series. First debuted in the finale of the first installment, the system becomes growingly adaptable onwards from controlling Rean Schwarzer's Valimar in the second to his new Class VII Soldat unit in the third.


Divine Knight Battle CS3 03
Divine Knight Battle CS3 01
CS3 Knights Party Select

The party select screen in CS3

When the going gets tough against the new Panzer Soldat units, Rean unleashes his Awakener's Call summoning Valimar onto the battlefield leveling the battle plane. Unlike normal battles and regular enemies, the key to defeat the mechas is targeting either of the three areas: the head, body and arms, cause each mech has a separate unbalance efficacy value from either of those parts.

The more stars (★) per value, the higher the efficacy rate of unbalancing the enemy. Striking at those weaknesses are credential to deal damage, executing follow-up attacks and accumulating "Bravery Points". Once 3 Bravery Points are accumulated, powerful rush attacks are utilized as the story progresses.

However, these weaknesses are not consistent whenever the mech changes it stance. Therefore, take note about the various stances it makes because each stance creates a different affinity weakpoint. In addition, BEWARE that the following rules above follows for the enemy units if missing the correct area giving the enemy a chance to guard or counterattack.

In Trails of Cold Steel III, the feature has been upgraded where the player can control an entire unit of characters piloting Soldat besides Valimar (exclusive to Rean only). While the fundamentals remain the same, the new game brings more expandable tactics between the unit and pilot's abilities.[1]

Normal Commands

Unlike regular Trails battles due to piloting a robot, the number of commands decrease to three whereas its mandatory to not escape, consume items or cast arts. Hence the player can either attack, defend or use crafts. In defense, the option is necessary to minimize damage from enemies while recharging CP. Furthermore, there are Crafts to also defend for one turn and counterattacking in the following.[1]

Link Attacks

Divine Knight Battle CS3 05

Unbalance Strike in CS3

Divine Link Attacks CS3

The new link attack cut-in in CS3

Even at higher proportions, the Combat Link System still functions the same as regular battles. Attacking the correct area gives an opening chance to initiate one of the following link attacks.[1]

  • Follow-Up (蓮撃): A second attack that adds up 1 BP.
  • Finisher (必殺): An eventful finisher that consumes 3 BPs
  • Unite (協力): Consuming all BPs for a powerful combination craft between two or more units.

Partner System

The most valuable indispensability in the Knight Battles are borrowing your link partner's strength to utilize the following commands.

Command Description CS2 Effect
EX Arts Consumes EP to use Exclusive Attacks Arts depending on the partner.
Significantly recovers the EP of your Soldat unit. Recovers EP +1000
Consumes EP to recover your HP and CP. Recovers 50% of HP, CP +30 (EP400)


  • This new features is an evolution to the Trails infrastructure, as a new generation of the Action Time Battle System.


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