DS1 Field comparisons
The game follows the basic RPG mechanics of moving around the field, battling monsters to level up, and discovering hints from NPCs.

On the field, the player is in control of the party's leader (of choice), with each member's status on the right side, total currency amount and current location underneath the played chapter.


There are only 8 options.

  • Attack (戦う): Fight one enemy.
  • Spell (呪文): Cast a magic spell
  • Defend (守る): Skip a turn reducing damage.
  • Items (使う): Use an item from storage.
  • Equip (武器): Changing weapon during battle.
  • Auto (オート): Switch from manual to auto.
  • Status (強さ): View party members' status.
  • Run (逃げる): Flee from battle.

The battles increase in difficulty as Logan's (the main character) level advances. In other words, the number of monsters change though they still stay the same. As a strategy, attack one monster at a time and better to select the one not yet attacking.

Item Storage

Inventory space is also limited. So remember to sell all the equipment that is no longer necessary, freeing space and earning more money.

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