A walkthrough for the second Dragon Slayer game, rundown by the story chapters.

  1. DS2-Ch01: The Peaceful Days
  2. DS2-Ch02: The Uncovered Hell
  3. DS2-Ch03: The Heroes' Whereabouts
  4. DS2-Ch04: The Dragon Egg
  5. DS2-Ch05: The Dark Ruler
  6. DS2-Finale: Prayer and Hope

Tips and Tricks

Level Grinding Spots

Chapter Enemies Location
1 (Prologue) Farlaryne
1 (Middle) Royal Cemetary
1 (Epilogue) Mortavia, Near Acadia
2 Ishta Region
Final Grostos Castle

Magic Spells

Obtaining magic requires finding grimoires throughout the game.

Spell Recharge Buy Sell Grimoire Location
Flame (フラム) 20 secs 100 75 Havlok Castle
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