Drakkhen CS1
Developed from
Designed From
Upgraded Into
Manufactured from
Known Captains
Known Crew
Pilot Noble Alliance soldiers
General Characteristics
Length Height
Average Speed
Armaments Knight Sword
Orbal Beam Rifle
Gigantic Lance
Main Game Appearances Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold Steel II
Other Media

Combat Characteristics

The Drakkhen units are the first majority of soldat units to be mass-produced. They are emerald-colored body frame with a vaguely knightly appearance.

Model Weapon Wielding Types:

The Drakkhen are address off by what weapon they currently carry which provides different fighting usage out of them.

  • Drakkhen - Sword: Will attack with sword swings.
  • Drakkhen - Gun: Will attack with rapid gun fired shots.
  • Drakkhen - Hammer: Will attack with hammer swings.


SKILLS: Whichever weapon it wields will allow basic combat use in fights, plus special attacks when charging them up.

Battle Scope Information: One of the Noble Alliance’s mass-produced Soldat models. Fights with a sword, and uses charged attacks. (Cold Steel)

*Drakkhen - Sword*

-Blade Gouge: Rear’s it’s blade back before thrusting it forward puncturing the ground nearby targets which scatter rubble & deliver damage results on small targets. (CS)

-RD Revolution: Using it’s wheel feet, it rotations at a high-speed velocity, causing yellow form wind burst to attack small targets closely. (CS)

-Power Slash: Charges the sword with an orange glow, before slashing it across the target to deliver a damage blow. (Introduced for Drakkhen - Sword in CS II)

*Drakkhen - Gun*

-Burst Shot: Charges a bright glow into the Gun, then fires off a single strong shot to deliver minimum damage. (CS II)

*Drakkhen - Hammer*

-Fatal Swing: Charges up self, before swinging one hammer before the next in making bashing results of damage on the target while the spike wheels spin as they break through the ground.


  • The name "Drakkhen" is a re-pronounciation of the German word "Drachen" for "dragon".
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