Dunan von Auslese
Duke dunan von auslese fcevo
Kanji デュナン・フォン・アウスレーゼ
Rōmaji Dyunan Fon Ausurezze
True Name
Age 35
Date of Birth
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color Brown
Birthplace Grancel, Liberl Kingdom
Relatives Alicia von Auslese (aunt)
Klaudia von Auslese (niece)
Affiliation Liberl Kingdom
Occupation Aristocrat
Piloted Units
Main Game
Trails in the Sky + EVO
Trails in the Sky SC + EVO
Trails in the Sky the 3rd + EVO
Other Media
Voice Actor(s)

Duke Dunan von Auslese is nephew to Queen Alicia von Auslese II, and the first successor to the throne of Liberl Kingdom in the Trails in the Sky trilogy.


Dunan is initially a stereotypically pampered, lazy, cowardly, dull-witted, self-centered, bigoted aristocrat. His attitude towards the lower classes in society ranges from patronising to contemptuous, and he expressed vehemently misogynistic opinions during the Liberl countercoup by the Bracer Guild and Royal Guard. His behaviour caused much difficulty for his butler Philip Renard, and made him an ideal puppet for Alan Richard.

However, after Estelle Bright rescued him from a second coup attempt by Kanone Almathea, he becomes a more responsible person. Actions that support his humility are engaging with the Grancel citizens to address their concerns during the orbal shutdown caused by the Aureole's reappearance, and stood against the Ouroboros Enforcers when they invaded Grancel Castle.

Character Profile

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