Durga is a goddess who appears in The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion. She is said to be the spirit of the earth which breathed life into the world, creating humans. She is the mother of life and the four spirits of Nephtys, Scotia, Idun and Zar serve as her children. Bardus entrusted the sacred treasures of his body to Durga and the spirits. She is also known for bringing both life and death to humans. For this reason, she is also called "The Gatekeeper of Hades".

From "Overview of the Spirit God" found in the library at Phildin:

"Spirit God Durga is like the mother of humans. The Spirit God, who binds the four Great Spirits and created this land, is like a symbol of birth and benevolence. However, she also brings life and death to humans. That is why she is called the Gatekeeper of Hades. She must have been an important figure to the ancient people, who consider life and death to be the same thing. A chapel and a shrine are left in the Koruna Village in northern Boreas sealed by snow and ice all year round. It is said that Durga and her relatives slept when Bardus the god of Light and Octum the god of Darkness were sealed. Many researchers look for clues in the divine object placed in the shrine. A research group at the Sorcery School has been studying Durga. However, so many things still remain a mystery to this day."

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